Data Display - Calendar View

We want to create a calendar view in a room scheduling application.
The outcome we want is to have hours open (variable depending on day)
across the top of the grid and the names of the rooms down the left
side of the grid. The body would be populated with bookings for that
day. The visual we're seeking is similar to the "Weekly Builder"
plugin for Rails (

We've tried using CSS to create variably-sized images, but this isn't
working out. Are there any plugins available or other ways anyone can
think of to accomplish this kind of visual?



Why not use weekly_calendar or fork it?

I've only used full month calendar type but I have seen two weekly-
view calendars for jQuery that I think do exactly what you're looking
for and in my opinion look a little nicer. The first doesn't look as
nice as the second but the second isn't maintained anymore. The code
doesn't look too hacked to me on the second one though. As for a pure
rails or html solution... I haven't seen any, but you could always do
some reverse engineering and see how they achieve the formatting.

Best of luck,