CSS not displayed correctly


i've just installed lovdbyless framework package on an Ubuntu 11.10 desktop. I'm using ruby 1.8.7 and rails 2.2.2 due to compatibility problem. THe application work fine locally, i've installed mongrel as serverweb and as soon as i connect locally to "localhost:3000" i can see all the content properly. When i try to connect through another machine the CSS is not used at all. I've searched over the web and i've read that it's necessary to modify the global_variables.rb file like that:

SITE = RAILS_ENV == 'production' ? 'mydomain.com' : 'localhost:3000'

Right now i still don't have a domain but a static ip so i modified the file with the IP address of the machine:

SITE = RAILS_ENV == 'production' ? '' : 'localhost:3000'

The CSS is still not downloaded/used when i connect from another PC.

Does anyone know the reason?

THanks in advance for the help