CRUD and actions' context

Hi all,

I've just started a (little) project for my degree and I'm trying to embrace, love and experiment with the CRUD+RESTful approach. I must say that it's amazing how simple my controllers look now. I'm pretty excited with this way of thinking.

However, I've hitting a problem with this approach. I've some models that I can create/destroy from different points in my application. Suppose the typical example with Article and Comments. Suppose that I have two views: one which display and article with all its comments and another that displays recent comments (no matter what article they belongs to).

Suppose, moreover, that I can delete comments from those views. In the first case, when the comment is deleted, the browser must be redirected to the first view. However, when the comment is deleted from the second view, the browser must be redirected to the recent comments views.

The problem, with the CRUD+RESTful approach, I only have an action to delete comments (CommentController#destroy).

What is The Rails Way to achieve that? Using the ontext plugin[1] maybe?

Thank you all.