Computer illiterate - development and action mailer

While I'm working in development using localhost is there a way to
test action mailer ?


I've never tried this, but I would think if you find out the name of
your computer (what it would be called if it was on a network. In
windows, you can find this out it System Properties... mine is
'your-82va731wkz'). Then if you set up a mail server, you can probably
email to anything@your-82va731wkz.

Another option is to create an object called ActionMailer to
temporarily replace the real ActionMailer, and this function should
just save to a file. Make sure that's saving everything as it should
be sent, then you can do last minute tests on the real thing when you
upload to your server or whatever.

Hope this helps.

That makes sense (using an SMTP account) However your suspicions are wrong :slight_smile:
I want to send the email as they will be part of my registration
process to activate and account.