action mailer noob

Hi guys, a noob in rails here

I did some searching on the net about how to send email to diffrent
domain adresses like google, yahoo and stuff..and the guides that i
found were a bit more confusing.

for example at this adress
the last two examples Action Mailer Configuration, Action Mailer
Configuration for GMail

The thing is that they are so diffrent...and if i wanna send mails to
yahoo, or hotmail or whatever, what should i do?

but before al this, if i wanna send a small mail on my mac, just to
see how this action mailer stuff works, is there something i should
change in my app?

a million thx in advance,

HI ,

First you need to decide how you want to send emails from a rails app
or what options are available.

1. Sendmail : Its a program or application which handles mail
2. SMPT Server: Either you can set up your own or use third party
service like (gmail/yahoo etc)

Check this link :

Answering to second part of your question, what i understood is you
wan to test how an email looks when it is actually sent out in other
words you wan to test the same.

Check on CREATE_ and DELIVER_ methods of actionmailer.