Commit bit for docrails

I read the link given on docrails github page.
I see there are a lot of improvements that can be made to the documentaion section.

I forked docrails and committed some changes for reference and would like to commit even more, but since pull requests arent enterteined in docrails, I wonder if the changes will remain unnoticed in my fork.

I don’t know exactly which particular persons should be contacted for allowing me direct commit access to docrails as I couldn’t find such names and corresponding contact email addresses in the guide.

Kindly help.

  • An open source contributor.

Xavier (fxn on github) can give you commit access to docrails if you send him your github id.

Done, welcome!


Can I also get access to the docrails project?

github username = westonplatter

Done Weston, thanks!

Thanks Xavier.