Command line can't find sqlite3

     I'm using the newest "Agile Web Development With Rails" book and
the Ruby command line call near the end of p. 267 is:
sqlite3 -line db/development.sqlite3 "select * from orders limit 1"
and this, (with my own table, which has data which was verified by
looking at the WEBRick output in a browser) gives the error:
sqlite3 is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
program or batch file.
But, sqlite3 is installed and working (by Web verification) and also
the rails console works and shows me the column_names, etc. Also,
sqlite3.dll exists in c:\ruby192\bin\ and that path is in my
environment PATH variable. I'm using Windows XP.
     What am I forgetting to do?


I think you have to enter the sqlite shell if you want to run those
types of commands (e.g., select * etc...).

Run sqlite on the "development" db, try this:

$ cd [app_name]
$ cd db/ # your development.sqlite3 file should be here...
$ sqlite development.sqlite3 # now the sqlite shell should boot

Now you can run your SQL commands:

$ sqlite> select * from orders limit 1

See generally


Thanks, Rodrigo, but I put the \db\ directory into the Path and tried
the call in both the Ruby command line and a regular command line from
that directory where I have development.sqlite3, trying both "sqlite"
and "sqlite3" as the call at the beginning of the line, but I get the
same error that they still aren't recognized as a command. What else
could I be forgetting to do?

Answering my own question now, I followed your link and it said to use
"sqlite3.exe" in the call so I tried it but it still didn't work.
Then I searched for sqlite3.exe and found one in a Java directory.
Putting its location in the path didn't help. When I copied that exe
to the \db\ directory and called: "sqlite3.exe development.sqlite3"
then I got into the sqlite3 command shell and was able to do: select *
from people; and it worked.
     Now, the only question is: Is that the wrong way to go about it
and will I regret cluttering up the \db\ directory that way?
     Thanks for the pointers,

Download sqlite3.exe and place in C:\ruby192\bin along the .dll, that
should allow dbconsole to work.

If not, you can still do "sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3" and be able
to run SQL statements there.