errors during sqlite3 install

I have localhost:3000 working.
Windows xp system
I placed sqlite3.exe and dll in windows/system directory and made sure
it was in the path.

When I used gem install sqlite3-ruby it gave a large number of
errors indicating no definition. Looked like it couldn't find the
master table or something.

Other than placing sqlite3.exe in the windows\system was I supposed to
create a db table? Not clear from two different books I bought.

I got the say/hello application working. Wondering what to do next or
should I continue to follow the tutuorial?


Post the actual error message you get from the gem install. That
makes it much easier to give you some help.

There were many error lines. The last one follows the pattern of all
of them.

After invoking gem install sqlite3-ruby I got

'No definition for _wrap_sqlite3_aggregate_context'

The say hello program works however.

Using gem install sqlite-ruby it seemed to install without these
messages but the webrick server would crash as soon as I tried to do
the say/hello example.

Do I just rename sqlite3.exe to sqlite.exe and try again?


Sqlite3 is what you want to use. Before installing sqlite3-ruby you
need to be sure you've got sqlite3 installed correctly. The site to
go to is:

You can follow the Downloads link to get the pre-compiled version for
Windows. You want to get both and They need to be installed in a directory that
is on your path.

I have little experience with the MS environment but
sqlite3_aggregate_context comes from the sqlite3 api. I'm guessing
that, if you've already installed sqlite3, that it cannot be found
when you do "gem install sqlite3-ruby" Part of the gem installation
includes compiling some c code. This code will need sqlite3 header
files and library.