Class variables and servers

In my local development environment I define a class variabel
@@has:flock? in a modele that is included in controllers so I can
reset this variable in each controller that has to change it
The code in the module is
module CrudActions
  @@has_flock = true

   def index
     if @@has_flock : paginate_conditions=['flock_id=?
     else paginate_conditions='' end

......and in the controller
class DiswebUsersController < ApplicationController
  include CrudActions

That works fine locally but when I deploy the application and use an
apache server it does not work anymore (@@has_flock? is false) in the
method index
Then the variable is not set in the module
Any idees of what is happening ?
I can fix it by defining a method, but I wauld like to know if that is
Any help is appreciate?

Hi Hans,

processes don't know each other and i.g. you can't control which
instance of
your Application responds to the next request, this means:

Apache (T=0)

+ < Application (Process 0)

    @@flock = nil

+ > Fork'd Application (Process 1)

    @@flock = nil

+ > Fork'd Application (Process 2)
       @@flock = nil