Class Variables - Static.


When setting the class static variables, These are shared across all the
instances created.

Class A
  @@bool_var = true

  def get_bool_var

All the instances will have this static variable,
When through a controller, a user requests, Based on some logic, I set
the value to false.

Is this class static variable be set to false in all the other requests
from other users on a web application ?

Thank You.

The class variable will lose its value between requests in development mode due to class reloading. You SHOULD NOT use class variables to do this in production, as the value is only available in the process where it was set, making multi-process deployments behave in ways you don’t expect.

–Matt Jones

Thank You Jones for your answer,

I was suspecting that my class variable will not be the same at the same
request. I understand that on a multi-process deployment things would be