class variables in action controller

you might be seeing this behavior if you're running in development
mode... controllers are reloaded upon every request in development and
test. only in production mode are they loaded just once. class
reloading settings can be changed in the various config/environments/
files i believe

in config/environments/[env].rb

for example, to make development mode cache like production does,
change the values in
  config/environments/development.rb to:

config.cache_classes = true
config.action_controller.perform_caching = true

Those class variables aren't session specific, they are instance of mongrel specific. So if you only have one mongrel, then everyone shares the same one. If there are two or mongrels then it's a mix: when you look at the list action it might be handled by the first mongrel, but when you look at the sort_by_date action then that could be handled by a different mongrel, with its own copy of @@job_list.

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do but it sounds very much like class variables are not what you want (database or memcache or backgroundrb would probably be more suited)


Don't use class variables. Do use the database, memcache etc... backgroundrb (at least the old version) also allows you to share a cache of ruby objects.