cheaper rails hosting ?

I have had an account with in the past. I believe
their cheaper plan is like $10 a month and they have decent support. I
am not sure I can get much cheaper than that really, but I thought I'd
ask anyway.

I want to have a server so I can show some of my websites, but I
haven't really much of a need for anything major at the moment or a
site that gets much traffic. Is anyone familiar with some cheaper
hosting plans ?

Have you looked into combined with Amazon S3?

It is free for low traffic sites.

Heroku is free, and should do everything you need

What about the database ? How does amazon s3 fit into the picture ?

S3 for any file storage you need to do (uploads) and the database is already there -- PostgreSQL only -- so it's a migration away. The heroku gem makes the deploy process one-line-simple.


You don’t want to store your assets on heroku so you normally use Amazon S3 for that.

Database options:

Free tiny database on heroku

Free mongoid database on and probably too

Probably other free databases available as well. Enough for small sites, and when you need a bit more you can get 256 MB at for $5 a month.

wrong link, and it is 240 mb now at I guess that’s what you can give with 3mil in the bank.