Alternative to Heroku

What are the alternatives to Heroku that are cheap and or that store your images as well?

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Try Digital Ocean.


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AWS S3 plus a small EC2 instance. And of course then you have a
simple way to experiment w/ larger or smaller instances to tune your
billing :slight_smile:

(When I was using only S3 for personal storage I used to get AWS
monthly bill of like $0.34 or so.)

Thats about what I’m looking for thanks

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Easier than using Ec2 is to use Elastic Beanstalk. There is a rails tutorial at . Let me know if you can’t make heads from tails of it. – H

What are the alternatives to Heroku that are cheap and or that store your images as well?

Cheers Dave

I’m a massive fan of Hatchbox.

You use a regular server from somewhere like Digital Ocean - but Hatchbox do all the provisioning, set things up for security updates, and just make things work.

I use them for all my sites. You can use Postgres or Mysql, You get A+ SSL with http2, Action cable, whenever, sidekiq etc - all ‘just work’

In terms of storing images - If you go with Digital ocean, then you can use the server filesystem to store the images, use a digital ocean space or use a third party like AWS. The last two will take a bit of setup though.

If you check them out on this link: then I’ll get a referral bonus. If you use the naked URL - I won’t!

I have written about my experience here

Thanks I will look into it

For me the “real” alternative was OpenShift Online v2 as it was used pretty much the same. Now there is OpenShift v3 which is a Kubernetes distribution and in a sense “lost” the v2 “git push” appeal (for being a better platform that now requires a little bit more knowledge). Disclaimer: I was Red Hat employee at that time.

Anyway another option which I also use now is just a simple VPS in Digital Ocean. There are cheaper providers than DO, but I just love the UI and that they now offer dedicated DBs and spaces (S3 alternative).

If you care to understand the nitty-gritty details how to set it up I started to write a book


Dne pátek 30. listopadu 2018 21:28:34 UTC+1 David Merrick napsal(a):

For completeness, though I’m not sure I recommend others punish themselves thus:

I provision a Linode box using Ansible and deploy to it with Capistrano. S3 bucket for attachments. It’s quite cheap but also takes (or took up) a lot of my time. Tried the elastic beanstalk and felt totally baffled by the IAM security policies. Quite fine grained. That’s just me. Had dozens of tabs open into the Amazon docs. Others might find it quite straightforward and convenient. For quick and easy, Heroku is great. If your time is precious, the cost is possibly worthwhile. And it’s very reliable (as are the others). Supposedly scales nicely too. Haven’t had the fortune to experience that.

Some might question why not EB when already using S3. Good question.

One more data point among many. Happy hosting!


Definitely looking foe easy solutions to deploy.

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Hi how do I find out about pricing if I go with this option? Initially only deploring one website.

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