Carrierwave upload hangs forever


I’m making an app where people can share gifs and everything was working properly or so i thought, the problem came when i tried to upload a gif with a large amount of frames and i noticed that the upload process, which is handled by carrierwave, hangs forever. I think that the problem rises when i try to convert this into a “jpeg” using MiniMagick, is anybody else experiencing the same problem? i would like to get some insight on wich is the best way to handle gif uploads in carrierwave and converting them into jpeg’s

This is the code im using to convert gifs into jpeg

version :thumb do

process convert: :jpg

process resize_to_limit: [200,200]


Thanks in advance!

I'm encountering the same issue. It only seems to be on an animated GIF
that has many frames, regardless of uploading from file vs. URL. I've
successfully uploaded other shorter animated GIFs. I'm not performing
any processing other than setting the content type, width, and height on
the model before saving (via `process :store_meta` in the
[carrierwave-meta]( gem).