Carrier wave image upload issue..

Hi All,

   I am using Carrierwave gem for image upload functionality in our application and it works fine for me. I was trying to implement the same functionality for another page but it doesn't works and it doesn't shows any error at all, but the image was not uploaded in the s3 bucket. Anyone please help me to solve this issue ..

Note: We are using mongodb in our application with mongoid

Thanks in Advance

I don't see how anyone is going to fix your problem with so little information. If you have it working on one page then you are probably best placed to fix it yourself. It must be to do with differences between the two pages. You could set the second one up identical to the first so that it works, then modify the page in the way you want, a bit at a time. That way you can work out what is causing the problem.

Before that, though, have you looked at the logs for the one that works and the one that does not to see if there are any differences?