How to implement image upload in rails 3 using mongodb.


Im using mongodb database in my rails 3 app. i tried to implement
image upload using carrier wave gem in my applications but i failed.
Can anyone explain...

Thanks and Regards......

Not quite clear, what ruby gem do You use? MongoMaper, MongoID, other?

I'm using MongoMapper, and it works, here's my integration of
MongoMapper + CarrierWave (it also works with Paperclip, I used it in
past but don't like and rewrote with CarrierWave) ( go to
spec/carrier_wave/carrier_wave_spec.rb )

For ( kind-of production :slight_smile: ) demo, please go to -
this site uses MongoMapper and CarrierWave (+ S3) for images (logo,
avatars, ...).