Can't say "Hello World"

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to step through Rails Guide and stuck at step 4.3. I’ve created my first controller and action, run the server and get the following error message.
Can someone help with this? And i also appreciate if you give me some source to learn Ruby on Rails. Thanks!

It would help if you

1) provided a link to the "step 4.3" you referenced

2) copy and paste the error message so it can be run through
    Google translate or equivalent

3) specify the versions of Ruby and Rails you're using


You created a controller and action, but did you create a view? Without a view you can’t see anything. I guess you see the Rails default screen.

Learn Rails through this free tutorial: The first few chapters lead you to create a “Hello World” example.

+1 for (which is free to use online)


My best guess since it is an execjs error is you don’t have a javascript runtime installed. Be sure you have one of the execjs supported runtimes installed.

Which is your development environment? Operation System? The comes with a link to Cloud 9 ( In the provided online environment (which is free for personal use) everything can be set up to run Rails, the way you need.