can't install pg module in my application

hello guys,

i am trying to deploy my application on heroku but when i type gem install something wrong happens as you can see in the image attached in this topic. some of you can help me to find a way to fix this? thanks :slight_smile:

i am using Linux Ubuntu 14

i already installed libpq

If I remember well, you should first install:

  • lib-pq-dev
  • build-essential
  • The Postgres server

thanks, i´ll try it!

i tryied but the same error message persists!

Close, but it should be ‘libpq-dev’. You’ll likely also need ‘psycopg2’

Here’s the order I provision in:

  1. build-essential

  2. git

  3. psycopg2

  4. postgresql-9.3

  5. libpq-dev

ok. so i just need to run apt-get install and the names enumerateds above, rigth?