Ruby on Rails and Postgres - Installing postgresql gem

Hi Rodrigo

I'm using PostgreSQL 8.3.x and the pg gem.


This is generally confusing but here's what I think you should do:
1) Remove postgres and ruby-pg gems if they are installed; the
correct, current one is pg which should be at version 0.8.0 (assuming
you're on linux, this all might change on windows).
2) The library packages you're missing is most likely libpq-dev (on
ubuntu sudo apt-get install libpq-dev, not sure about other distros);
in addition i'd try adding in build-essential if you don't have it, as
well as ruby1.8-dev.
3) After that try doing a gem install pg; if that fails the error
message tells you where the error log is for the build, posting that
would help identify what is missing.

Good luck


Rodrigo Dellacqua wrote:

Hey there,

Thanks for all the answers so far, it seems that there are 3 gems
working, pg, postgres, ruby-pg.

But I can't get it to build, does anyone knows which libs I need to have
installed? or where to check that?

I currently have postgres-8.4-dev

I think you may need libpq. Check the gem docs.

Rodrigo Dellacqua