Can't connect to localhost:3000

The hard drive on my Macbook recently failed. A local shop replaced it and restored data from the failing drive. Thereafter, I couldn’t start the the rails server on rails apps that previously had worked as expected. I subsequently rebuilt rails 2.1.3 under rvm. Now, rails -s starts WEBrick successfully, but I can only connect on rather than on localhost:3000 as I from rails apps that allowed it just a couple of days ago. I added the tzinfo-data gem as suggested on some related posts, but still no joy. I’m running rails 4.1.6 on ruby 2.1.3p242 under 0SX 10.9.5. Can anyone suggest how I might proceed from here?



Hi Mike,

Maybe the resolver is the issue? Can you connect to

You can also check where the process is binding. On Linux that would be netstat -ntlp - look for you Rails app there. That may work on a Mac but I’m not sure.

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On *nix systems, the file /etc/hosts contains the mapping from localhost to It should contain a line like: localhost.localdomain localhost

I do not know whether or not Mac uses the same file.