cannot install rfacebook plugin

Hi all,

I was trying to download rfacebook plugin to start my first facebook
application in rails.

I'm following the tutorial "20-Minute Quick Start Guide for RFacebook -
Create a Facebook App Using Rails in 10 Easy Steps"

But i'm having problems with executing following command

script/plugin install

i couldn't connect to the host (it says "svn: Can't connect to host
'': Connection timed out")

but i was able to run the gem install command successfully(gem install

does anyone have an idea whats happening. I'm using ubuntu

thankx in advance


Yes i am on ubuntu too... and even i get this error... i think might
wanna install some svn libs... go to the synaptic package manage and
search of svn...
but in most cases if you do a
sudo gem install gem-name

this does the job good enough....

Sameera Gayan wrote:

Hello Sameera,

I was trying to download rfacebook plugin to start my firstfacebook
application in rails.

  FYI: rfacebook has an official and dedicated Forum/Mailing List
(that includes the core developers) online @


Hi Warlock

First of all sorry for late reply (had a vacation ;))

I had already installed rapidsvn. But today i installed

Still didnt have time to playaround. I'll try it. Thank you very much
for your reply


Warlock handleR wrote:


Am Newbie to ROR.
I have installed rfacebook gem and when am trying to install rfacebook
plugin using the below command

script/plugin install

on Aptana Studio console(am in windows),No ouptput is coming???

Please help me