20-Minute Quick Start Guide for RFacebook - 10 Easy Steps to Create a Facebook App Using Rails


  I've published a new 20-Minute Quick Start Guide for RFacebook that shows you how to create a Facebook application from scratch using Ruby on Rails in 10 easy steps:

o Install the rfacebook gem o Create a Rails application o Install the rfacebook Rails plugin o Log on to Facebook and set up a new application o Create facebook.yml configuration file and add API key and secret o Configure Rails root URL o Create Rails workshop controller and configure default route o Add rfacebook login code to your controller o Use the Facebook API to get your name, profile pic and status o That's it!

   More @ http://rfacebook.wordpress.com/2007/12/28/quickstart


PS: Please send any comments, corrections or additions about the RFacebook Quick Start Guide to the rfacebook Mailing List/Forum @ http://groups.google.com/group/rfacebook Thanks!

Wow, nice guide :slight_smile: I've bookmarked it for later.