Cannot get jquery to work

<%= javascript_include_tag "jquery.js" %>

I want to add class to table tag using following command inside script tag. <script> (document).ready( function() {             $('tr:odd').addclass('odd');              $('tr:even').addclass('even');              alert("abc'); // for debugging              $('th').parent().addclass('table-heading');           }      );


CSS has all the tree class declared .odd { background-color: #fcc; }

.even { background-color: #cef; }

.table-heading { font-size: 12px; }

CSS is linked properly and if I add class manually I can see the stylesheet applied to the page.

But I cannot get the alert neither I can see the class in <tr> tag.

I am a newbie to rails. any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Shouldn't that be <%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery' %>

You could probably easily discover whether your jquery file is being loaded by using Firebug, btw....


Thanks Hassan Schroeder,

The File is loaded correctly. And I tried both <%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery' %> <%= javascript_include_tag "jquery.js" %> And both load the file correctly.

Moreover I can see the JavaScript (JQuery.js) loaded using firebug.

Still No luck.


Oh, wait --

<script> (document).ready( function() {


<script type="text/javascript"> // not THE problem, but invalid otherwise $(document).ready( ...

Try that...

Are you sure you are not including prototype.js?

yeah, if you still have javascript_include_tag :defaults, prototype will still get loaded

If you want to keep prototype loaded though (to take advantage of Rails builtin AJAX functionality for example), Avoiding Conflicts with Other Libraries | jQuery Learning Center will be of use

The problem was the case of addClass. Changing addclass to addClass did the trick. Thank you very much guys for all your help.