Very Urgent + Javascript Include tag .

This is same as my first one .. rit .. forgot to write true dere .. :slight_smile:

Yes Tried ..

Rails List wrote:

can using javascript_include_tag :defaults ever successfully include
more javascript than javascript_include_tag :all, :recursive => >true ?

I am not sure why you want to use recursive option. this is required
only when you place your .js files in a deeply nested subdirectories.

do you use any other js framework files in addition to prototype?. some
times jquery and prototype would not blend very well. if so, changing
its loading order would resolve it.

try loading your own js files explicitly, above or below prototype

I have files in sub directories also .. dats y m using recursive option
Actually all files i need are coming in page source .. but nt working ..
Also tried loading order change.. Will give it more effort also .. :slight_smile:

Rails List wrote:

Great!. Now we only need to find out if your own .js files are not in
conflict with framework files.

What shud i give first ..
jquery files or prototype files(default files) ..

Rails List wrote:

Do you have functionality that relies on Prototype? Do you have
functionality that relies on jQuery? Have you read ? Your app is
telling you how to debug it, but you're the only one who can listen to
it. Just give it a go, it won't hurt.

Tried changing order also .. But no use :cry:
Neone there who cn help me to get rid of this problem ..

Ok .. m having some jquery files as well in a jquery subdirectory inside
javascript folder and also rails framework files ..

Hemant Bhargava wrote:

While I'm still almost coherent, I should point out that loading all
of the javascript all of the time is typically a bad idea anyway
(mostly due to browsers getting all deer-in-headlights while the js
initially loads/runs). But worry about one thing at a time.