can rails be more friendly to windows user?

i have tried many hack solutions, and still failed to run rails nex xxxname, it seems to be quite painful to use rails on windows 7 x64, can you guys make it more friendly?

maybe it’s not the problem of rails, but the problem of ruby ecosystem, but if it can be more friendly, ruby would be more popular :slight_smile:

Hey there,

The friendly way, in my opinion, is to run a virtual machine. On my windows machine I run vagrant with virtual box.

I also use ConEmu with Gitbash as terminal.

i am also using vagrant and conemu, it’s better if rails can be used without vm

I see.

I tried a few times to run it natively on windows, but I think it doesnt worth the hassle. Too many little things that builds up to make developing on a windows environment a bit boring.

I have a partition running Linux Mint, for those times where I dont want to keep running a VM.

But most of the time, I’m running it on OSX, at work.

I also see some people using Cloud 9 (

But I never tried it myself.

I tried Rails development a couple of ways including Cygwin. It’s too much hassle. If you really want to do Ruby/Rails development, doing it on Linux is the way to go. You are much better off installing Linux in VirtualBox or another VM manager. I use Linux Mint 17.1 which makes it easy to use Linux. Windows Hot keys work and the UI is very familiar.

As a fellow Windows guy, I understand any hesitation you might have about switching to Linux. I can tell you from first hand experience Linux has come a long, long way. I switched two years ago (about the time Windows 8 came out) and haven’t looked back. I’m not a Windows hater or a Linux fan-boy. I’m just pragmatic and use tools that work.


Cody Skidmore

I teach Rails and have done so for nearly 8 years in workshops and classroom settings. The way to do this on Windows is to use RailsInstaller.

It sets up everything you need, including Git and SSH keys. It supports Ruby 2.1 and Rails 4.1, but upgrading to Rails 4.2 is easy.

You will use a new dedicated command prompt to work with Rails, as the RailsInstaller does not modify your system PATH.

This works fine on Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Cygwin and other solutions are much more hackish.

Does RailsInstaller support RVM?

RVM doesn't support Windows, so there's that...


​pik is a similar utility on windows​

do you develop rails on windows?

windows is better os for oa, so it’s my choice to use windows, but rails’s support for windows is terrible