call a controller action from another controller

Hi people

I want to know if it is possible to call an action that belongs to a
controller from another action that belongs to a different controller.

I have the "search" action in the controller of Model A , and I need
to cal that action from the action "register", but action "register"
belongs to the controler of Model B. Also I need to pass some
parameters from action register to execute action search

Is that possible?

create a module and move that method here. then just include into your controllers and use


I've start reading about modules, and it seems to be what I need

Thanks for your help

just create my_module.rb in lib/

module MyModule

  def my_method

and in your controller just

class MyController < ApplicationController
  include MyModule

  def search


just check whether your module is loaded or add require to your config/environment.rb file