Bootstrap issues with RoR

I added bootstrap-sass to my Gemfile, did bundle install, added “@import bootstrap” to my css file. Yet, bootstrap does;t work. Safari fails silently, Mozila says:

The stylesheet http://localhost:3000/assets/bootstrap was not loaded because its MIME type, “application/javascript”, is not “text/css”.

Hmm, so I changed the @import to @import bootstrap.css. Some things seems to work, but others (carousel, for example) don’t. Here’s one error:

TypeError: “.carousel”.carousel is not a function

Something seems to be fundamentally wrong with the install, but I’m stumped.

Any ideas?



That's weird, maybe you can use twitter-bootstrap-rails as show in here

Ok! We’re making progress! Adding that line made more stuff work. Now - just one last quirk:

// DOES NOT WORK. Mozilla says: carousel is not a function

// This works -

Why is the jQuery needed?

In your first you have an error. You should put $ in front of (’.carousel’).carousel(), like this: $(’.carousel’).carousel();
in jQuery “$” is an alias for “jQuery”, these two lines will do the same thing:

  1. $(’.carousel’).carousel();

  2. jQuery(’.carousel’).carousel();

Usually in jQuery you will use only $. But if you have other javascript framework included in page which has a special meaning for $, then you should use “jQuery.” instead of “$.” to avoid conflicts with the other framework.