Best way for social networking in rails


Which is the best way in rails for making a social networking site.?


BDD :slight_smile:

The best way to make a social networking site… is to actually start making a social networking site.




I meant is there any good cms or gem etc for it ?


Im not sure if I should post in this topic because I have the feeling
its just gonna end up in another one of your "help me do this"

Anyway you might want to look at these:

there is another one made by Michael Hartl the guy who made the rails
tutorial webpage (which I strongly recommend you look at this time in
case you still havent).

You might also want to google what BDD really stands for.


I’m obviously making a lot of assumptions here, but I’ve heard it’s pretty common for developers in India to be herded through diploma mill tech schools and then realize after they get hired that they actually don’t know how to write code. Well, I guess that does sort of happen here in the US too, but it always kind of bums me out to see these “how do I build a complex application” posts.


Sigh. You had to say it, didn't you? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, this "space shuttle" deal -- is there, like, a kit or something?

I can haz?

Why certainly.

   gem can haz spaceshuttle

You might want to check out

Seems to be a good start for a social network

Make your own. I made a rails server for a social driven app in about a day.

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Hello Hassan,

good question. I found 4 ways when I tried:
1. EngineY - Seems exactly for this goal but I dunno much.
2. LovdByLess - it's fancy but not upgraded yet. You might wanna
upgrade it yourself )I tried, writing a new one is easier for sure).
3. Insoshi
4. Your own social network. I must say this is still the best idea.
Good practise and you can have controll all the time.

It doesn't mean you need to develop the whole app yourself. You might
wanna use many gems like authlogic or devise or omniauth for
authentication (check Railscasts for more info), etc.

There's 2 CMS which I can suggest too: RefineryCMS and LocomotiveCMS.
Refinery has great community and there's lots of features already
done. Really easy to extend.

I would definitely use Refinery for a social network with my own code.

Good luck,

Erm, thanks, but it wasn't my question. At the moment I'd much prefer
seppuku to trying to implement YASN, in any form. :slight_smile:

I don't know which is more pointless in 21st century, YASN or CMS. But
hey, even Google's doing it. :slight_smile: