best practise structure for large project

Hi all

Is there anywhere a good tutorial for a "best-practise" structure (controller,...) for a large project?

I did't find one by now...

thank you for your help!



Structure of what? Your models, views and controllers?

And by best practice, what is wrong then the standard layout given to you by rails?


By structure i mean the structure of controllers. What is the standardway for large projects? All controllers in the same directory? Or is grouping them by functionality in sub directories a better solution?

And another question: Is it possible to do something like: localhost:3000/projects/1/tasks/5 -> to get project with id 1 and than the task with id 5 from this project (just as an example)


I would recommend just jumping in with some tutorials and taking a look at what Rails offers.

Go read Rolling with Rails 2.0 - The First Full Tutorial - Part 1 |, which walks you through exactly how to do this.


Thank you! I'll try it out


To be honest, i have sort of the same question sometimes.

What i tend to do is separate my controllers into sections. so for example, i have an admin section, a public section (in folders named admin and public_section since public kind of messes up autotest mappings... but thats another story) and other sections.

Then have my controller files in there and in my views, i have a folder structure mirroring that.

Then the fun beggins:

For each one of this sections you need to map the route for it so in routes:

map.namespace :section_name do |section_name|   section_name.resources :model_name   section_name.connect ...   section_name.whatever end

There are a few inconveniences with this approach which i will let you discover by yourself since i ran out of time.