Bad ActiveSupport gem in gem repository?

Hi Wes,

Your question got me to check my Ruby_1.8.2-15 installation on my
WinXP-Pro/SP2 box.

K:\>gem -v => 0.9.0
which AFIK has been working well.

K:\>echo %rubyopt% => rubygems rubygems
Looks suspicious; should I cut it down to just rubygems?
and what does it do, anyway?

K:\_Utilities\Ruby_1.8.2-15\ruby\bin>dir u* => update_rubygems.cmd
(also plain update_rubygems)
Should I run this before I run gem to download something?
Or does "gem update" run "update_rubygems.cmd"?

TIA for any insights you may offer.


Hi Wes,

Great advice and info. They are much appreciated.

Best wishes,