BackgrounDRb 1.0.3 release ( Requiem for a dream )

Hi Folks,

BackgrounDRb 1.0.3 is available now. This release contains several bug
fixes, cleanups, test case coverage and brand new documentation.

A brief ChangeLog:

2008-02-28 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>

  * fixed some meory leaks.

  * Implemented cleaner API for invoking tasks in workers

  * Updated the documentation

2008-02-25 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>

  * Commited Patch by Alex which lets BackgrounDRb to have command line
arguments and loading of specific environments
  through command line argument.

2008-02-14 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>

  * Added TestCases for Cron Triggers, Meta Workers and stuff. We are
heading towards proper code coverage with test/spec.

  * Added preliminary support for starting a worker on demand through
scheduler. What it means is, when you have a worker which is getting
  scheduled very less frequently and you don't want the worker to
persist, you can ask BackgrounDRb to restart the worker on each

  * Fixed some unreported issues with writing data to socket between
workers and stuff.

  * Fixed issues with too many open connections, because connections
were not getting closed. BackgrounDRb now opens only one connection,
which is
  reused throughout the lifecycle of rails application.

  * Fixed all outstanding issues with Cron triggers, BackgrounDRb now
explicitly depends on "chronic" gem.

  * Removed Framework directory and BackgrounDRb now explicitly depends
on packet gem.
We also did lot of work on documentation and new docs are available at:

* Dale cook for helping out with documentation.
* Alex for awesome patches.
* Ezra and Skaar for taking BackgrounDRb so far.
* Francis Cianfrocca for EventMachine and inspiration.

Also, although development has moved to gitorious, SVN mirrors are
updated with latest code. User

./script/backgroundrb --version

to find out which version, you are running.