BackgrounDRb 0.2.1 Release

It's that time again friends. skaar has been at it again and has greatly improved the stability of the new system. And Ara Howard has helped a ton by working with us on the slave library to iron out the wrinkles./ The results is a lot nicer backgroundrb for everyone.

  I have to say another huge thanks to skaar. He has singlehandedly wrote almost all of this new version and many bug fixes. I am very glad to have the help as I have too many projects to work on currently. Thanks skaar!

Get the latest tagged release here:

= BackgrounDRb Changelog

This file contains a summary of changes in particular releases, for a
detailed change history and tickets, go to:

== 0.2.1 (Released November 28, 2006 - r162)

This release contains the accumulated fixes and enhancements after the
dot oh! release. Beside updating BackgrounDRb, we strongly encourage you
to update to Slave 1.1.0 which has important fixes that greatly improve
how BackgrounDRb behaves.

- Server: Improved logging of server events and exceptions.
- Server: Change of default DRb protocol to drbunix (domain sockets)
- Server: Re-add DRb ACL configuration (not needed for drbunix)
- Server: new_worker race condition fix
- Server: Jobs entries are now deleted properly when worker exits.
- Scheduler: Several scheduler fixes. It was pretty much broken in 0.2.0
- Scheduler: New external schedule definition file
- Scheduler: do_work semantic changes (README: Special case: :do_work)
- Rails: disabled rake tasks for start/stop/restart for now.
- Rails: disabled Rails unit test in worker generator
- Documentation: Deprecation of TODO file, items are in trac now.
- Documentation: CronTrigger documentation

== 0.2.0 (Released October 30, 2006 - r105)

Initial release of BackgrounDRb rewrite. This was is also the first
versioned release. The README contains the best overview the the new
architecture. This is the baseline release.

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