Attachment fu on windows

I've tried and tried. I couldn't get freeimage installed. I got
mini_magick installed, but everytime I try Mike Clark's tutorial, I
get the error 'Size is not in the list'. I found some people fixed
this by putting a sleep statement in their controller, but this didn't
work for me. Any help out there?

Hey - I just ran into this problem last week. I spent a few hours
trying to resolve it, but was unsuccesful in finding what the root
problem was. So - I took out the validation of the size attribute
from the attachment_fu.rb file. Line #344 has this line:

          [:size, :content_type].each do |attr_name|

Remove the :size and you'll be OK for windows. Again, that doesn't
answer the root problem, but it will enable you to keep going.

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This fixed my problem.