Assert_select with count 0

Hello, all. This is short and simple. I have this statement in a
functional test:

assert_select 'input' do
      assert_select "[name=?]", {:count => 0,:text =>/areas\[1\]/}
This assertion gives me the following:

  1) Failure:
rtions/selector_assertions.rb:281:in `assert_select'
     test/functional/sample_controller_test.rb:315:in `test_areas'
rtions/selector_assertions.rb:294:in `assert_select'
     test/functional/sample_controller_test.rb:312:in `test_areas']:
Expected at least 1 elements, found 0.
<false> is not true.

Since I've explicitly used :count => 0, I can't for the life of me
figure out why it's expecting at least 1 element. I'm certain that this
is the source of the failure, and not something else in the test,
because I have achieved success by commenting only the line with
assert_select "[name=?]", {:count => 0,:text =>/areas\[1\]/}.

Thanks in advance for your time.