problems with assert_select

I'm sure this is user error, so let me describe it real quick.

So, I'm in a functional test, and this line exists in the body of the response:

<div id="div_nick_name" class='nav_item'>foo</div>

I'm attempting to do this in the test:

  assert_select "div#div_nick_name"
  assert_select "div#div_nick_name" "foo"

My intent in case it's not obvious is to test that the content of the div is equal to 'foo'. The first of those two lines works, the second results in:

I'll answer my own question in case someone else out there is as much of a moron as me and could use it to help them...

assert_select "div#div_nick_name", "foo"

Notice the comma...

Bryan Noll wrote: