ApplicationController never fires

I create a new rails for testing and I'm having the same problem, but I
have other rails app that work perfectly, with 2.2.2 and with 2.3.2.

If I change the name of the application_controller I get the normal
error message:

uninitialized constant ApplicationController

But in the app that I'm having problems, no matter wich name my
Application controller has, I never get this error, and the methods
defined there never fire ...

What do you mean by never fire ? Also be aware of the fact that the
file that rails looks for application_controller in changed in 2.3.2
from application.rb to application_controller.rb


How are you controller classes (i.e. ApplicationController and DocumentsController)

defined? Is this Rails application upgraded from a previous application (i.e. 2.2.2)?

If this is the case, did you “rake rails:update”?


After creating a new rails and added some of my code, the problem
appeared again ...

I'm really stupid as I had a controller defined as a <
ActionController::Base instead of < ApplicationController ... so I had
two ApplicationControllers defined but rails didn't catch this ...

sorry and thanks for your help ...