append hardcoded value in rails2 f.select_tag


I have a dropdown in my rails partial which onchange calling a remote function…I am using rails2.3 verison… In the drop down I am retreiving list of students like this…

<%= select :students, :id,
            {|s| [,] },
                     {:prompt => "Select A Student"},
                     {:onchange => "#{remote_function(
                             :url => { :action => 'type' },
                             :method => 'get',
                             :with => "'stud_id='+value",
                             :before => "'loader')",
                             :success => "Element.hide('loader')"  )}"} %>

This is working fine… I get list of students with their ids as values… But I need to add one more option as “All students” to the dropdown so that I can view the details of all the students. How would I achieve it. Please put your thoughts on this as I am new to rails and learning it…