RE: [Rails] Re: React on select_tag (onchange)

Try searching the web for keywords remote_function and select_tag

For example, this is close to what you want.

<%= select_tag( :sort_by, options_for_select([["Sort
by:",0],["Name",'name'],["Price",'price'], ["Date Listed",'id']],0),
        :onchange => remote_function( :with =>
                        :loading => "false;", :url => {
:controller => 'products', :action => :change_order } )
) %>

I realize this is largely a question of taste, but wouldn't Proper Rails
Style prefer to invoke the remote function via the observe_field helper
rather than the onchange attribute value? I ask in all sincerity, not
having a great grasp yet of Proper Rails Style.

- donald