Apoligies but what is the status of the Agile book?

Borders show it has to be ordered but Amazon says they have it but
don't show any reviews so what exactly is the true availability of the
second edition?

I have had mine in hand, preordered from Pragmantic as a bundle with
PDF, for about a week.

I received my copy from Amazon last week.

Robert Nicholson wrote:

Hi Robert, book reviews doesn't equate to availability. I know that
pragmaticprogrammer.com shipped preorders on Dec. 18th. Also, I know
that the book wasn't on the shelves of my local CA booksellers (i.e.
Borders and Barns & Noble). Thus, if you're looking to purchase this
gem, I would recommend getting the combo set (i.e. book + pdf) from

Good luck and Happy Holidays,