Akismet is too sensitive

Hey there. I made a post yesterday that was accepted. A minute later I realized I forgot a detail and added it, then saved. Then I saw a typo, fixed it, and saved. And suddenly I got this:

My post remains hidden after 20 hours. I realize I could have proof-read my post a little more carefully, but this Akismet seems to me to be a little tightly wound. I’ve never run into this on another discourse instance. Any chance it could be de-tuned a little?

It’s such a tricky problem, the underlying issue is that we really need an active community moderator or 2. Without more moderators we have no choice but to rely more heavily on automation

I can be a moderator if you need

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Automation is useful @samsaffron, no doubt. I’m not trying to criticize the use of Akismet, I’m just trying to make the argument that it’s maybe too jumpy :slight_smile: . Ideally I’d be able to edit my own pretty-non-spammy post without triggering it.