Ajax Calendar for RoR

Has anyone seen a solution available (commercial or open-source) that
is a ready-to-go ajax calendar? Anyone know of any in under
development? I have seen many "ajax-calendars" around but they do not
appear to be a type which you could plop into your own application. I
would really appreciate any guidance on this.

Again, I am looking for an ajax-based calendar that can be integrated
into a RoR application.

We have been looking for a similar solution (something like Kiko or Google calendar), but haven’t found a ready-to-go solution anywhere. The problem is that an integrated calendar solution is quite a lot of work (so quite a lot of money is spent) and having it gives you an edge over your competitor, so that’s probably why no one has made one that can stand up against the big guys out there.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Also a commercial, embeddable product would be required to support
international calendars. Which is a huge amount of effort, and complicates
Rails deployment (you need to be mandating globalise usage etc.)

the good news is that as part of a product we're building, I'm
isolating the calendar functions into an engine.

rbtuesday currently supports:
recurring events, reminder emails, invitations (with accept/deny).
The visual side is fairly week - but being an engine you can override

the bad news is that I'm probably 4(-> 6) or more weeks from having
something extracted, plus being my first plugin/engine it'll be rough
around the 'edges'.

If you have requirements please let me know. At the least I can put
them on the wishlist.


Hi Jodi,

What you have described sounds great! I was looking around for just a
basic ajax-calendar that would allow daily, weekly, and monthly views.
Just an easy to use calendar with easy on click entry of events on the
date they click on the calendar.

I would enjoy a calendar that simply provided the ability to enter in
dates/events etc. What you have described appears to go way beyond

I for one would be very interested in the calendar even if it was a
commercial product.