ruby on rails web calendar

Does anyone know of a good web calendar that you can use to display
appointments, dates, anniversaries, birthdays, recurring appointments,
appointments spanning multiple days?

Written in rails, i suppose? Otherwise theres excellent solutions like
Google Calendar available...

Exactly...we need something that uses Ruby on Rails to access the data
and create the calendar.

Is it possible to use the google calendar to access mysql data on a
local database server and crease a calendar? :slight_smile: or must the data
reside on the google calendar system?

You could write a parsing system in ruby/rails that uses mysql as it's
backend and then parses out that info to google calendar through their
api. But you'd need to parse it, you cannnot connect google calendar
directly to a DB. You can however use google calendar as a data
storage as well and then write your front end. But if you want to use
google calendar as your front and store things in a DB then you will
need to coerce the data into a format that the api can use. for more info about
the api.

Hope this helps,

Thanks! I guess there are no good helpers already written to help
this along. I hate to create the wheel again and know someone must be
willing to share a library they wrote already. Hope to find that
generous person.

Something like this ?

sample visible at



Is it possible to use the google calendar to access mysql data on a
local database server and crease a calendar? :slight_smile: or must the data
reside on the google calendar system?

Google calendar will happily consume an ical file (see RFC 2445) from an
URL and view it as an additional readonly calendar. If you provide your
users with an URL (with no authentication, since Google has no way to
provide credentials), they will be able to enter it into the Google
Calendar interface and view their calendar.

This URL will also make it possible for iCal (i.e. on MacOS X) and Sunbird
users to view their calendars. If, in addition, you implement full CalDAV
support (see RFC 4791) then users of iCal and Sunbird will also be able to
edit their calendars, though Google does not (yet?) support CalDAV in any


How about something that you can setup a mysql table and use ruby on
rails to create the calendar...switch between daily, weekly, two week
and monthly views....create recurring events and so a
regular calendar. Any ideas?

I think you’re really out of luck here, I even doubt you’ll find such an all-in-one solution out in the open in any web programming language. The amount of work that goes into such a calendar is enormous.

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Peter De Berdt

That is cool Mike. I have a question about the customization of the
plug-in. How can I put the events inside the monthly view of the




this is probably a better option for that:


Gunner wrote:

This is a very helpful conversation, I want to thank you for all the
resources provided,

I have been reseraching for a while on this topic and found some
interesting ones I would like to share:

About Google
It looks like it is possible, I'm working on make it happen, look:
"Or you can generate a public calendar for Google Calendar to display,
based on your organization's event database."
extract from:
To study:

A good plugin, depending on our needs It could be what we need:

This guys made an amazing job, I would like to know more about their

It will be amazing to have something like the hula project, it's a shame
nobody is working on this, maybe I'll retake this project, but working
on Ruby of coure :). Have a look at the demo:

I's my understanding Novell was providing resources for this project but
they abandoned the project.

Mauricio Inguanzo

Mike Gilbert wrote: