Event Calendar in Rails


I'm looking to develop a dynamic event calendar for a rails
application. I found some nifty little embeddable calendars in jQuery
and Moo Tools that use Json feeds but they seem to conflict with some
features that I have already developed using prototype.

Is there a rails plugin that I can work with or an embeddable
prototype solution that I can feed with xml or json?

If anybody has any advice or tips please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Try calendar_helper Rails plugin. I'm using this in my events-based
app right now and love it! It adds appropriate classes to your table
cells and allows you to add your own classes as well, if you'd rather.
Plus: No javascript necessary. :slight_smile:


In my app, I display the event type, the comedian name with a link to
edit, ticket price and showtime:


@year = params[:year].blank? ? Date.today.year : params[:year].to_i
@month = params[:month].blank? ? Date.today.month : params
@events = Event.all


<%= calendar({:year => @year, :month => @month}) do |d|
  cell_text = "#{d.mday}<br />"
  cell_attrs = {:class => 'day'}
  @events.each do |e|
    if e.showtime.mday == d.mday
      cell_text << link_to ( e.comedian.full_name, :action => 'edit', :id
=> e ) << "<br />"
      cell_text << e.event_type << "<br />"
      cell_text << e.ticket_price << "<br />"
      cell_text << e.showtime << "<br />"
      cell_attrs[:class] = 'event_date'
  [cell_text, cell_attrs]

Thanks so much.

This is the perfect solution.

Note that the latest version of this is on github