Calendar Plugin

I am trying to develop a Project Management Tool.I have to log events
and have done that.I want to show the events in the calendar.
Can anyone suggest me a good plugin for the purpose.
Prabesh Shrestha

I've used calendar_helper (
tree/master) from Geoffrey Grosenbach before and it works well. It's
pretty basic but it gets the job done. Look through the README on
GitHub to see some usage examples. You can pass a block to the
'calendar' call and insert text and a CSS class on particular days (if
an event is scheduled for that day, for instance). Once you get that
part setup, you'll have to write some custom CSS to style the calendar
the way you would like it. Hope that's what you're looking for...if
you need any help feel free to post back.

Brian Reath

A lot of calendar plugins aren’t going to be ready for translation if you decide to go the the i18n route. Something to keep in mind when choosing.



Thanks bjreath and Wlater for your suggestions.I was completing some
other tasks.Now I am using calendar_helper.I am going through it's
code which is pretty small than I had guessed.If I need any help I
will surely post back.
Thanks again.