[ADV] New version of AWDwR available


I've uploaded B1.16 of Agile Web Development with Rails.

There are two major changes in this version:

1. The indexing is complete

2. I've changed all the form examples that used to use form_tag/end_form_tag     to use the brand new form_tag do ... end.

The latter was a major change, affecting a boatload of code and a fair amount of text. I _think_ I caught all the old instances, but if you find any please report them as errata.

So, what's the plan for the book, you ask?

Well, I chatted with DHH today. It looks as if 1.2 is still a ways off, but I really can't keep the book in limbo until it arrives. So, the plan is to create a branch in the Rails repository and to freeze the current functionality into that branch. After a few pending issues are resolved, this branch will become 1.2 (initially as a release candidate, and eventually as a full Gem). This should stop future changes (such as this week's deprecation of end_form_tag) from affecting the book.

In the meantime, I'm sending the book in for copy editing today. When the markup comes back I'll apply it, then go through and do the layout. We'll be going to press in about 4 weeks (unless 1.2 is not out in the next couple of weeks).

Again, I need to stress that the book is written on the assumption that the reader has Rails 1.2 installed. As that doesn't yet exist,

        ++++ YOU HAVE TO HAVE EDGE RAILS ++++

for some of this stuff to work. Some folks like the following description of working with Edge:

   Installing and managing edge Rails - SitePoint

Some Windows users have also recommended the following:


I wish folks didn't have to jump through this Edge hoop to use the code in the book--hopefully 1.2 will be out soon and everything will be back to normal.

As usual, the update is available for free from

    Pragmatic Bookshelf: By Developers, For Developers

Enter just two of the three pieces of information to identify your PDF. I recommend using your order number and your email address, as these tend to be be the most consistent.

Thanks for your support for this project. Keep the comments coming in.

Dave Thomas