[ADV] New beta of the TextMate book is available


I've uploaded the B1.03 version of Jame Edward Gray II's TextMate
book. Here's what James says about the release:

   Sorry for the delay folks, but hopefully it will have been worth the
   wait. The next beta of the TextMate book is ready and it's just full of
   requested content!

   Several people have expressed to me the need for the book to cover
   TextMate's language grammars and I've been listening. The new beta
   contains a complete walkthrough of how to build a grammar, using JSON
   as an example. Beyond that, I've added coverage for the equally
   important preferences and themes. If you're wanting to use TextMate
   with custom syntaxes, this material should get you started.

   The other reason this beta took a bit is that I have been responding
   to your feedback. The community has provided tons of priceless advice
   for making the book better. Thanks so much for that! I've read
   through it all and tried to make improvements based on most of
   those great ideas. By all means, keep sending in the feedback.
   I want this book to be exactly what the community needs it to be.

I use TextMate as my main code editor (and have for over a year) and I still
learn new things every time I look through it.