Adding features that were skipped during rails new

When creating a new app, there are so many things that could be skipped that I did not know about and did not find an explanation of how to add those features later on if I need them. I had to look up into each of them, decide if I needed them now or could maybe who knows need it later.

The lack of simplicity (maybe only perceived) of adding those features later makes a choice that should be simple (do you need X now or soon?) much more difficult (Is there any chance you will need X at one point? Do you even know what X does? Go look it up!).

There needs to be at least a guide on how to retrofit an app to add each of these feature. Maybe there is one? I didn’t find it. I think it should be mentionned clearly in the doc and in the help for the rails new command. Having this clear would even allow the default of rails new to not include everything. So things become opt-in instead of opt-out, food for thoughts.


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