I have to disable more than I use with rails new

Here’s the rails new command I ran to start our last project:

rails new my_app \
  --database postgresql \
  --skip-action-mailer \
  --skip-action-mailbox \
  --skip-action-text \
  --skip-active-storage \
  --skip-sprockets \
  --skip-listen \
  --skip-javascript \
  --skip-turbolinks \
  --skip-test \
  --skip-system-test \
  --skip-bundle \
  --skip-webpacker \
  --skip-webpack-install \
  --skip-spring \

The list of things installed by default is insane. A rich text editor? I can understand that with Wordpress, but it’s very strange to assume every rails app needs a rich text editor. Or needs to receive email. Or send email. Or wants to use turbolinks. Etc, etc.

I know Rails is meant to be batteries included (omakase :grin:) but it seems like it could benefit from a weight loss plan, or at least more pared down defaults. Then, maybe add a way to quickly add action-text, if and when desired, for example.


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