Surprising default routes


This relates to the “Interactive ‘new rails’” discussion. Especially for new folks, not knowing what --skip methods they need with rails new, being able to more easily just comment out, or config turn off, the features that generate these routes would be helpful.

Exclude those routes by default and an option to show the internal routes would be great.

But yeah, it kinda relates do “Interactive ‘new rails’” cause if some modules were exclude by default the routes of a rails new app will show nothing.

I don’t think excluding Action Mailbox and Active Storage is the right solution. If I’m using these APIs, I still get a lot of routes that don’t apply to me. And, because the routes are so long, it makes bin/rails routes unusable as a tool for documentation.

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@davetron5000 That makes sense, and it’s a shame that the obvious solution isn’t actually as helpful as we all wanted it to be.

I wonder if we can steal tricks from Devise’s rout customization interface here.