add dynamic nested attributes without nested form gem

Hello people

In my rails 3.0.9 app I'm trying to add nested attributes
dynamically, but I don't want to use "nested form gem"

So I found this example

but this code doesn't work

module ProjectsHelper
  def remove_link_unless_new_record(fields)
    unless fields.object.new_record?
      out = ''
      out << fields.hidden_field(:_delete)
      out << link_to_function("remove", "$
(this).up('.#{}').hide(); $
(this).previous().value = '1'")

I think that lines which starts with "out <<" make some conflicts,
because I've checked the html (firebug) and the simbols "<" and ">"
doesn't appear

&lt;a href="#" onclick="$(this).up('.task').hide(); $
(this).previous().value = '1'; return false;"&gt;remove&lt;/a&gt;

Can you help me please?? Thanks